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Heading for (a) Fall(s)

Leaving Zambia and heading for Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side

Lot's of adventures since we last wrote....our good bakke has broken down a few times, but we've made repairs within an hour and been on our way. Derek's been the brains and brawn behind that and we figure it's an alternator problem that's draining our battery too quickly. We landed at a great car repair shop in Katima Mulilo just before we crossed into Zambia and had it all checked out and had our spare battery fully recharged. So, we've got our fingers crossed and a lot of faith! Shawna and Cerena were great support literally and figuratively in that they pulled us for about 20 minutes along the Caprivi strip a few days ago!

The crossing into Zambia went well and we headed up to the farm of friend's of Tim and Laurel's for two nights. It was a great respite--a chance to sleep inside, have great food and more story telling, and see our first zebras! The farm has been in the Bruce-Miller family for more than 100 years--and Ian, the owner now, was born and raised in Zambia. It was great to soak in his hospitality, meet two of his daughters and a daughter in-law (former peace corps and originally from Colorado) and see signs of Christmas--two Christmas trees and some swags around. The Rhino Dung beatles provided a great source of entertainment as they are HUGE and lift themselves up like small helicopters to explore the area. They don't bite us...but if they bump into you at high speeds it can hurt. We also enjoyed the 5 or so dogs that run around the whole place--Ian has them for hunting and companionship too, I think. Fun for us though. Today, we've said goodbye to Tim and Laurel and are now in Livingstone checking email before crossing into Zimbabwe to meet up with Kuda and her family. We'll soon part with Shawna and Cerena as well since they will camp on the Zambian side and then make a slower trek back to Windhoek in time for our flight out on Thursday. Derek and I are playing it by ear, but have heard we should allow for 2 days to travel back since road conditions and our bakke are a bit unpredictable...so the visit with Kuda and family will likely be short, but hopefully enough. We all fly out on December 25th, if all goes as planned!

Hope all of our friends and family are doing well...we've heard reports it's been pretty cold back home. Not the problem here, for sure! Off to the spectacular Victoria Falls!

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Made Maun

Visiting friends

Sunday, 12-14-08, sitting behind a laptop computer in Maun, Botswana. We have kompleted the kapturing of the Kori's and our fellow researchers have left for home.

We are in the home of Julie and Colin Brown. They are Flight Service Missionaries from Galena, Alaska. Brownie flew for Fish and Wildlife in Alaska, and is friends with Jack Hodges (one of my friends in Juneau.) I knew Julie when she was on the school board in Galena.

Lots to share... Our bakke is running well. We have been driving tracks through the game reserves, in search of Kori Bustards. We have seen every animal that is possible - except for Leopards.

Our health is good, we are sleeping well, and building lots of memories.

Today, we are off to some caves for a couple of days, then to the Tsodillo Hills, then toward Zambia. On the 21st, we will be in Victoria Falls, visiting with Laura's sister, Kuda.

More later...

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Heading for Botswana

Kwesting for Koris with a Kar full of Kargo...

After two nights on Tandala Ridge, eating Kudu, Warthog, Red Hertebeast, and watching the animals come to the water hole, we are back on the road, heading back to Windhoek, then on to Botswana. Three bakkes fully loaded, heading down the road, under the bright blue sky.

4 millimeters of rain last night, followed our sojourn to the waterhole in search of the elusive black rhinos. We had our trusted guide, Tim Osborne, and his trusty side kick Laurel with him. Armed with his wits and a radio collar spotting scope we hunted the rhino - not for meat - but for a look. When Tim stated that the Rhino was 200 years away from Oom Vim, our trusty bakke, Derek stepped out to take some photos, while Tim stepped out to find the Rhino. Within a minute, we heard the Rhino crashing throught the brush, headed away from us. The very brave Laura Williams, went into the Bush, a bit, with Tim, in search of a sighting... But all they were able to find was the sounds of a satisfied Rhino crunching his food between his teeth.

We celebrated Shawna's 44 birthday yesterday. Quite a day... Quite a day. Spotted 40 Eland around the waterhole below our dinning room, and watched for a while.

Now, to get groceries, then on to the road!


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Out in Outjo

We've Arrived!


After a long and good trip across the Atlantic, we arrived in Johannesburg last evening. Only delayed flight was in Johannesburg heading to Windhoek. but...I'm getting ahead of myself...first Shawna and Cerena (Derek's friends from Alaska) greeted us as we got off the plane at Dulles International. From there we all traveled together via South Africa Air to J'burg and then on to Windhoek last night. Collapsed into a nice clean bed at a lovely B&B that Tim and Laurel had recommended. Everyone has been friendly and kind along the way...we picked up our bakkes (pick up truck with camping stuff on top) from Hubert Hester in Windhoek this morning...got a run down on all of the left hand side driving with clutch and stick shift, etc. and he sent us off with an extra car battery and duct tape!

We've made our way up B1 to a few places to get water, gas, emergency cell phones, etc. and have seen a few animals along the way--Shawna and Cerena saw giraffe...we've all seen baboons, warthook, wildebeest?, and perhaps springbok or the like. We've stopped at bakery in Outjo and are just about to make our way to Tim and Laurel's place.

Everyone is healthy, laughing, and having fun so far...thanks for all your good wishes, prayers, and energy our way!


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It's 11:00 PM, do you know where your children are?

Sleepless in Saint Paul...

-17 °C

Here we are, finishing up the work of 2008, ready to fly, at 8:00 am, to southern Africa for some time touching the wild. Video cameras, 16 gigabyte memory chips, snacks for the plane, TSA locks... Just like Stanley and Livingstone used to do it... Of this I am quite sure...

The house is clean and ready for Dean. And, sleep is imminent... We wonder what we'll learn next and what will we do with our new learnings? We'll let you know, as soon as we know!

Onward, always onward!
Derek and Laura

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